Heat Pump Pool Heating System

A Compact powerful unit, incorporating latest heat pump technology for maximum efficiency. Easily fitted into your existing pool Filtration system. Unit is pre-fitted with all water and electrical connections for easy install.

This heat pump has a heating output of up to 22 kW. The heat pump is suitable for swimming pools up to 120m3 .

Titanium Heat exchanger , most endurable and compatible with all water treatment systems for swimming pools. Anti corrosion treated body.

Scroll compressor ; quiet and reliable From 36 to 42 db @ 10 meters

Refrigerant R407C Safety devices (pressure controller)

Digital display for adjustment and control of the temperature. Safety devices (pressure controller) Water-cooled condenser

Pre-fitted with all connections for water and electrics 10 years guarantee on heat exchanger, 2 years on other components.

How it works

The water circulating in the pool filtration system is diverted by valves through the heat pump. The heated water is then passed directly to the pool. The high efficiency of heat pump technology ensures that maximum energy is transferred to the water at minimum cost of electrical power. All systems can be fitted with aSolar water heating panels prior to the heat pump to further reduce energy requirements. Pool Temperature set by user is regulated by controls in the heat pump. In conjunction with a thermal pool cover the system will keep water temperature warm , (Approx 26C+) extending swimming season*. At sea level, dependent on height above sea level and ambient temperature.


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  • Heating Capacity up to 22 kw Heating Power Input 2,6 kW
  • COP (Coefficient of Performance)** 4,8
  • Power Supply 230 V Single Phase
  • Dimensions (L/W/H) 868 x 388 x 742 mm
  • Net Weight 85 kg

** air temperature 24°C, water 28°C

* Assumes suitable electrical supply and easy access to pool pump/filtration system. A Site survey is required before a quotation can be given...

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